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Support a youngster

"More than over-comers more than conquerors in life"
Meet Samuel,
He is a 18 year old Obstacle Course Racing athlete with a remarkable talent. He was introduced to the sport a year ago when a local OCR club opened in our area and one of the top professional athletes in the sport is both owner and head coach.
Sam quietly continued going to training until he was encouraged to try his first obstacle race not to far from where he lives, and to his own surprise he made a second place podium in his age group. This was just enough to get him completely hooked! Head coach spotted the talent and the commitment to work hard and decided to take him under her wing and train him in a more structured manner in order for him to continue growing and have the chance to perform well in this particular sport. From here he took on new challenges and worked to test his abilities a little more every time. He started entering for tougher races, some in Elite categories (pro athletes) like IMPI where h…